We help you reach  your full potential  through a smart AI software We help you reach  your full potential  through a smart AI software

We help you reach
your full potential
through a smart
AI software

Middle and last mile
logistics planning and optimization software.


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Take control of your logistics from
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BIG SMART is anOrder Transportation Management System” (OTMS) software which plans and optimizes middle and last mile logistics operations.


The platform has specific functionalities designed for each step of supply chain, providing visibility and traceability for each order, from creation to delivery. 


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Management of in-house and outsourced transportation orders in one single platform, providing complete visibility to the customer

  • Automates and manages your logistics operation, from order creation to delivery.
  • Order centralization of dedicated fleet, third party order and sellers in Big Smart.
  • Planning and optimization of the use of all logistic resources and assets involved orders.
  • End - to - end visibility and traceability for the customer.
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Logistics network management Logistics network management

Logistics network management

Management and administration of suppliers, operators, fleet and delivery stations; achieving greater control of the logistics network.

  • Digitization and control of the logistics network.
  • Complete management of logistics operators with multiple clients.
  • Multi carrier management.
  • Distribution unit manager.
  • Personnel control (HR digital platform).
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Tracking & Control
Tracking & Control

Tracking & Control

Allows monitoring and tracking of orders, from the moment the order is placed until they are physically delivered providing real-time visibility.

  • Real time order tracking and tracing.
  • Middle and last mile traceability.
  • Own and third party fleet monitoring.
  • Route and carrier management.
  • Tracking live & search bar online.
Tracking & Control
Tracking & Control
Dashboard and Reporting Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboard and Reporting

The system includes dashboards and reports showing metrics and statistics updated in real time; simplifying decision making.

  • Creation of reports, statistics and strategic business indicators.
  • Dashboard and metrics by user level.
  • Real-time visualization of logistics process.
  • Service level agreement control.
  • Centralization and safeguarding of information for analytical use.
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Route optimizer. Route optimizer.

Route optimizer.

Fleet and delivery routes optimization with smart algorithms, insights and analytics. 

  • Routing and Sorting Tool.
  • Geocode: Converting addresses into precise locations.
  • Estimated Time of Delivery (ETA) calculation.
  • Vehicle cubic capacity optimization.
  • Parcel delivery and collection, reverse logistics.
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Drivers App. Drivers App.

Drivers App.

Order info, route schedules, navigation and proof of delivery  in one easy-to-manage app.

  • Mobile app to assist drivers with distribution.
  • Provides the best route to destination.
  • Proof of delivery digitalization: electronic signature and official documentation.
  • Customer notifications with live estimated time of arrival.
  • Easy and intuitive navigation, online and offline.
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With us you will find


Automate and centralize the logistics operation.

Warehouse, fleet and personnel efficient management and control.



Real-time traceability of all orders and units from a single platform. 

Costs reduction

Optimize logistics processes for middle mile and last mile, reducing operating costs and delivery times.

User satisfaction

All the tools needed to organize and fulfill your commitments towards the end user, on time.

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