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Have a  dedicated  fleet without having to  manage it  yourself. Have a  dedicated  fleet without having to  manage it  yourself.

Have a dedicated
fleet without having to
manage it

Dedicated transport service for last mile
distribution with all costs included and managed
through a 100% digital platform.

Dedicated transportation

Fleets dedicated to the transport of merchandise being for the exclusive use of the company.

  • National coverage.
  • Exclusive use of the company 24 hours 365 days.
  • Fleet managed by Big.
  • Last Mile Delivery, delivery in stores, distributors and distribution centers.
  • Comprehensive transportation insurance.
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Satellite tracking and online monitoring

Technological solutions to streamline the operation and provide traceability to the customer.

  • Permanent communication with the units via cell phone.
  • High capacity to respond to accidents and unforeseen events.
  • Traceability in real time.
  • Dashboard and tracking metrics.
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Specialized fleet

New and equipped units according to customer specifications.

  • New vehicle park.
  • Renewal every 3 years.
  • Adjusted to the customer's shipping and cargo needs.
  • Maintenance according to the specifications of the plant.
  • Electric and fuel vehicles.
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Qualified Personnel

Trained and certified personnel to carry out the operation.

  • Operators trained for last mile delivery.
  • Certified operators (Black Trust).
  • Periodic examinations of operators.
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With us
you will find

Costs reduction

Generate savings in logistics costs and make the contracted vehicle fleet more efficient.


Ensure the supply of stores with a reliable and sufficient vehicle fleet throughout the year, in the distribution centers.


Outsource the administration and operation of the fleet.

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